Top 10 Tuesday: Prettiest Bloggers According to David Guison

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1. Jessica  ( -  Jessica is one of the most beautiful women in the ~blogging~ world. She’s part Japanese, British and German. You’ll be drawn by her sweet smile and impeccable sense of style.
2. Aimee Song ( – My first love, Aimee (pronounced as Aw-mee) Song! She has such a pretty face (and long legs) that will make you sing, haha!  When she’s not traveling or posting on her style blog, she somehow finds time to work a full-time job as an interior designer. She’s very hands-on and crafty with her work. How sexy is that?
3. Chiara Ferragni (  – Chiara! How do I even begin? Chiara is one of the most beautiful people in the international blogging community. But more than that, she’s talented and you could really tell that she’s very humble and down to earth. Nothing sexier than that!
blonde salad

4. Laura Allard-Fleischl ( – Laura seems like she has an outgoing personality a free spirit. You could tell by just looking at her blog. I really like the fact that she’s a photographer. Nothing like beautiful ladies who prefers being behind the lens!
5. Lissa Kahayon ( – Lissa has such attractive eyes and a graceful smile. And on top of that, she has an impeccable sense of style and perfect bod! Fit girls are hot–am I right or am I right?
lissa kahayon
6. Kryz Uy ( – Blogging from Cebu, Kryz brings so much more than her lush looks and amazing sense of style. This girl is also an entrepreneur, a dancer, a commercial model–the list goes on! Kryz has such a sweet smile too which I find very sexxaaaay!
7. Camille Co ( – Camille is tall, sexy and has such a fun personality. Never a dull moment when you’re with Camille. She can be sweet, she can be edgy,  she can be a lot of things! She loves surprising her readers and keeps them interested. I guess that’s one of the reasons why her blog is so successful. She’s a very witty writer as well! You could really tell she’s a fun person!
8. Laureen Uy ( – The local blogging scene is not only filled with talented and well dressed women, but also the most beautiful faces around. Laureen has such a pretty face and a fun personality. She’s a blogger, an actress, a model, a stylist, a designer, an entrepreneur. Name it!
9. Patricia Prieto ( – Patricia is a breath of fresh air. She always has a positive outlook in life and you’ll always see her smiling. She has one of the prettiest faces in the blogging scene.
patricia prieto
10.Tricia Gosingtian ( – Tricia is sweet and sophisticated. Sometimes I just want to pinch her cheeks because she’s so adorable! Haha!

Top 10 list by David Guison

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