Will Beyonce’s hair rebirth fuel the pixie cut trend?

on 2:50 AM

Beyonce shared her new hair cut with fans on Instagram late Wednesday night, soliciting mostly oohs and ahhs from her 5 million + followers. The short, weave-free ‘do is being attributed by some to the now infamous ‘fan incident,’ when Bey’s long, flowing tresses became entangled in a giant fan during a performance and had to be cut out–none of which stopped her from singing.
Beyonce performs during The Mrs. Carter Show world tour. (Nick Farrell/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)
Beyonce performs during The Mrs. Carter Show world tour, before her recent hair cut. (Nick Farrell/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)
But stylist and author Lauren Rothman says the cut could be a symbol of a rebirth for the singer.
“It’s the end of the Mrs. Carter tour, and she’s really getting into motherhood and the throes of her 30s, or it could be the expression of a significant life change we may not know about,” Rothman says. “When I see it with my clients, whether it is the need or want to cut off their hair, many times it’s about an inner feeling of rebirth, a fresh start.”
The slew of headlines and comments about Queen Bey’s hair is unsurprising to Rothman, who likens the reaction to the fodder around Michelle Obama’s bangs.
“Hair in our culture, is such a part of our identity. Especially if you are a woman who is a public figure, over time your hair becomes part of your signature style.”

And for a celebrity who is often on the red carpet and photographed, hair can comprise the majority of a head shot, making it significant part of her overall appearance.
Rothman, who is based in D.C., has recently fielded many questions from clients and acquaintances about bangs — a trend she attributes to the styles of Obama and Hillary Clinton.
So are we likely to see an abundance of pixie cuts as a result of Beyonce and fellow A-listers Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway?
Maybe. But Rothman has a few tips on going ultra-short, which she expands upon in her book, “Style Bible: What To Wear To Work.”

First, make sure it fits with your face shape. Heart-shaped faces are best suited for short locks. A curvy body type is also a plus.
“You’ve got to have some curve to off-set the minimalist hair.”
And most importantly, don’t fall into the “mom trap” of thinking short hair will eliminate the need for product and maintenance. Styling may be even more important for a Pixie cut, as well as dramatic make-up which will help achieve the glam style a la Beyonce.