Girls With Tattoos Are Hotter

on 6:26 PM

#20 Love Struck

What does an arrow through the heart mean? The myth begins with the god of desire, Cupid. When he shoots someone with his arrow, they're filled with uncontrollable affection. Do you think she's in love?

#19 Model: Veronika Kate

She’s an Austrian model who said, “Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” It appears she has done just that and her design choice of large pink and turquoise roses fits her beautifully!

#18 A Big Evening Out

A frequent concern is how to wear formal attire with visible tattoos. It’s not so much a question of being accepted for donning ink, but how to style the whole look. This gal is an awesome example of how to wear it ALL confidently and beautiful.

#17 A Sense Of Art Nouveau

Art nouveau has got to be one of the most feminine designs in history. It could be this gal is just starting to stylize a look for a sleeve, but it’s really nice the way it's all black. Sweet!

#16 Tattoos and Elegant High Fashion

Model, Katie Fogarty and her stylist clearly demonstrate that two opposites can mix: tattoo subculture and elegant high fashion, isn't it fab?! Tattoos ARE fashion.

#15 Musical Butterflies

Do you recognize the written music at the bottom and its melody? The tattoo is a simple one color design, yet it's poignantly laid out. You can almost hear the musical notes. Lovely.

#14 The Stunning Bride

Photographer Jeremy Lawson is known for his work featuring “Rock ‘n Roll” weddings. He really lucked out with his gorgeous tattooed bride! What’s not shown here in addition to her full back tat, is that she sports amazing full sleeve tattoos on both arms.

#13 Lady In Red

Fierce! She's an amazing canvas for this intense skull design. Sleeves are the best way to easily show off tattoos. Skulls traditionally symbolize death and are often thought of as, “the transience of a person's life.”

#12 The Attention Grabber

We love this long metallic dress, it seems to have been designed with her tattoos in mind. Why have tats on your back without showing them off, right? She’s the center of attention and is pulling it off flawlessly!

#11 The Wedding Bouquet

How lovely and feminine is this tattoo, even in gray? What makes the artwork stand out is its expert soft shading, which requires a skilled tattoo artist to achieve. The bride's dress compliments the floral tattoo design and vice versa.

#10 Tattoos: What About Fading?

Black and grey tattoos have a lower rate of ink rejection. If you want your ink to standout like this cutie, a safeguard is to see examples of older tattoos done by an artist and beware of a portfolio filled with bright fresh tats.

#9 The Tattoo Trend

A study found that of women, 80% of tattoo customers were, "upper middle-class white suburban females." Apparently the trend is spreading among well-educated women in affluent communities, BUT who wouldn’t want to don a gorgeous sleeve such as this?

#8 A Victorian Cameo

Cameos were popular during the days of Ancient Rome. Later they were revived in the Victorian era in England and worn as brooches. This cameo tattoo is certainly a new take on its history and the size of it is spectacular!

#7 Fanny Maurer AKA Lady Diamond

The young French model is currently in huge demand with photographers across the world. As a beauty we can see why, plus her tattoos are amazing! Today they cover an even larger portion of her body with the most recent being a bird on her hand.

#6 Ann Hathaway's Collection

It appears Hathaway has several tats, and this one compliments her elegantly. The other documented tattoo is a classically styled letter “M” on the inside of her left wrist. The mystery is, what does “M” represent?

#5 Trying It Out First: Paint

It is painted, BUT why not try a bit of paint to see how real ink would look? Everyone knows what they find visually appealing, but there are many questions: which design, where to place it, what size and what color?

#4 Megan Fox & Text Tattoos

Fox's ink on her ribcage reads a poem she wrote, "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART". Text tattoos are about committing to a personalized word or saying. Try yours out with a sharpie before going for the real deal!

#3 Behold Scenic Vistas

This flora and fauna tattoo is like a master’s painting. The artist is such a talent that someone chose to hang this heavenly scene on their back! The colors pop and her "paleness" makes for the perfect canvas backdrop.

#2 The Popular Sleeve

The dreads are cool, but we’re spying on those tats! What’s nice about a sleeve is you can build upon your artwork over time to produce the effect of the tattoos around and down the arm.

#1 Flock of Birds

This flock looks to be flying right off her shoulder. The effective simplicity of the design is amazing, but there are many meanings behind the symbol of birds. Birds in flight often represent the human spirit and or the human journey through life.