Get Pumped: Getting Your Fitness On

on 12:53 PM

Staying fit and healthy can be difficult for those of us who, let’s say…like our cocktails like we like our men (ahem, very strong) and point wildly while shouting “tacos!” at anything that remotely resembles a food truck after a long night of living it up. In a perfect world one hour of dancing would cancel out one hour of drinking, but it doesn’t…so here are some tips on how to stay on top of things. 
When looking to start, re-start or continue a fitness routine there are three things we found help us get the ball rolling:
1. Inspiration. We got ours from vlogger Jarmine from JLovesMac1.

Source: JLovesMac1
2. Nutritious, easy food. Nothing like complex recipes containing ingredients we can’t pronounce to start making a chocolate bar and half a bottle of wine look like a perfectly legitimate dinner option. That’s why we look to Kristin’s food blog Iowa Girl Eats for anything from skinny summer cocktail recipes to workout schedules. 
3. The gear. Knowing your routine and dieting is half the battle. The other half is all about feeling good and comfy in a stylish workout outfit. With the perfect look and the right attitude, you can accomplish anything! 
bebe-blog-sportSource: BEBE SPORT