Is Miley Cyrus a Style Icon?

on 10:43 PM

#10 VMAs Red Carpet

The night of the VMAs, Miley’s black spandex suit shocked everyone on the red carpet. While a year ago, she could have been seen wearing a beautiful backless dress or simple heels, this bold look had people questioning what happened to the old Miley. Little did they know, this would be the night that would change everything for the young star.

#9 We Can't Stop

Remember when Miley tried to reinvent herself during her Can’t Be Tamed video? She channeled a young Britney Spears as she danced in a cage and even though it was racy, it soon fell into the boring sea of sexualized music videos by pop stars, never to be thought of again. A fashion innovator has to grab everyone’s attention when she walks into a room. Miley had to do something big to reinvent herself as an icon so when she came out with the video for We Can’t Stop, she had the entire world’s attention as a completely transformed Miley.

#8 MTV Performance

Everyone was ranting about We Can’t Stop, calling it indecent and shocking but Miley took it to the extreme in her next career move at the VMAs. Though hired to sing, her vocal skills were the last thing anyone was talking about. Over a month later and we still remember exactly what she was wearing and how she moved. If you sit in public and listen carefully, it’s only a matter of time before you hear something about it and we have a feeling that’s a look that will go down in history.

#7 In the Magazines

Whether it’s Rolling Stone or the indie pages, Miley’s a hot addition to all of the magazines right now. A natural beauty, she looks amazing in this all-white ensemble during a shoot for the September issue of Notion Magazine. Tell us again why everyone thinks this girl doesn’t know what she’s doing?

#6 Signature Kiss

It’s rare to see Miley without red lipstick these days. Even though she has stunning eyes and a great figure, she’s drawing attention to her adorable pout lately. It’s a bold contrast to her blond pixie and helps define that signature look!

#5 Movie Star Style

Miley attended to premiere event for the film Paranoia which starred her fiancĂ© Liam Hemsworth. She looked stunning in this red patchwork dress and white heels. She seems to be using red and white a lot in her wardrobe, making them her signature colors without overdoing it, a great tip for fashionistas everywhere!

#4 Teen Choice Awards

Say what you will about her twerking abilities but Miley has got some great legs! She shows them off in this little black number at the Teen Choice Awards. During the event, she won the Choice Style Icon award and we’re starting to see why!

#3 Street Style

A staple in Miley’s wardrobe is her high-waist shorts which she tends to pair with midriff baring tops. We love the Beverly Hills jacket she’s got here that seems to nod at the trendy looks of the 80s as she steps out for a night in London. Even her street style has been taken up a notch lately and it seems that she’s finally making this platinum pixie her own!

#2 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Miley put on a great show during one of the Summer’s favorite music festivals. In her signature color, the star danced and sang to an excited crowd. Keeping up her look, the star rocked some black heels styled to look like Chuck Taylors as she put on a show that entertained with sights and sounds.

#1 Age Appropriate

Granted, some of her photo dance moves are way too vulgar for her younger audience (or public, for that matter) but Miley knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s playing to her age group by incorporating images of childhood – like the teddy bears, Barbie dolls and Nintendo-like stage props – with a more mature message. It’s a fitting image for a 20-year-old woman in an age where you’re old enough to act like adult but young enough not to care. Like any great style icon, this won’t be her persona forever. She’s already proven that her image grows up with her and we can’t wait to see what comes next!